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Solutions for Industry

JT Industrial Supply specialize helping procurement management industrial products. 

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JT Industrial Supply has been created for offering support to find Industrial Products according to requirements of different companies such as Food, Petrochemical, Maritime, among others, making their development more efficient. 

By hiring our services you are working with professionals in the area, increasingly positioning themselves in the sector.

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Positioning ourselves in the sector

For some time now, JT Industrial Supply  has been offering a wide range of premium steel products. We have consistently focused on meeting the demands of diverse industries such as sugar mills, mining, shipbuilding, power plants, bridge construction, metal fabrication, cement companies and many others, both domestically and internationally. Our priority is to ensure the timely availability of the products you require, as well as to guarantee that special orders are delivered more efficiently than any other supplier.

Our Services


Pipelines / Sheets / Profiles

Find the best quality materials quickly and safely

Metal Mesh

first class wire mesh.


We find the valves you need. For any sector.


We manage and find the best connection solutions.


Equip your workers with all the necessary accessories of the highest quality.

Equipments, Tools and more!

We provide you with the tools and items for your projects.

Advantages of using our services

Main features of our services. Discover what makes us different from the competition.

Find the products

We manage the whole process and get you the materials, tools and equipments you need quickly and efficiently.


We have the machinery to transport and deliver your orders.

Competitive pricing

We have prices according to the requeriment technical specifications. Request your budget and pay only for what you need.


We work under the highest quality standards. Our trajectory is always focused on customer satisfaction with an impeccable service.


At JT Industrial Supply you work with professionals with years of experience in the sector that guide you and give you the best recommendations for the purchase of materials.

Logos of quality standards of the materials we sell

Request information and let us make a proposal for your next project.

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JT Industrial Supply specialize helping procurement management industrial products. 

Solutions for industry. 

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